What about other helpful tools that help you with your posture, give you massages, protect your eyes, and many more? 


It’s a wide category for items like that that aren’t under one specification! Helpful things that keep your posture straight, different massage tools for different body parts, protective glasses from screens or gadgets that help your eyes rest, neck resting tools, and things that just make your workspace look and feel better! After all, if it looks good and we feel comfortable and motivated while working… then this reacts to our overall health and productivity at work.

Accessories here vary a lot. Some give you help with your physically, others give you relaxation. Choosing the right item could be quite challenging! But we got your back, from the information here and our posts you could easily filter out what you want! But how to choose?

First of all, analyze the problem you have – for example – a back, neck, or eye problem or just your desk feels boring… then filter for items! After that, you can search if we have articles according to these items if you want more information. See reviews and feedback from the sites we work with. If it all looks well, then congratulations on your new item!

There are many items I was surprised to find, that help you one way or another. Not to mention how many massage tools there are and how different they are from one another. Even if you don’t find the perfect item here at least we can give you a big idea of what there is!


                                  Find your accessories here!

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Habits and tips:

  • Your tool is recommended to be in a visible place on your desk or near it.
  • Whenever you feel pain in a specific place, take some time to apply the tool.
  • Track what difference it makes when using the item regularly.
  • Set a time (after lunch/before dinner) when you use it so you don’t forget.
  • If your work requires changing workspaces make sure you take something miniature in your bag.
  • Clean your workspace/desk weekly or at least once a month.
  • When everything is messy around fix it up immediately.
  • Read our blog to build better habits!