Our Mission

Healthy work idea and how it all stated:

After the lockdown, we could see that most of the people who worked on computers were remote! However, all gyms and social activities are closed so everyone’s health started to suffer. Even before that, in the office… I heard about a lot of problems with the back, neck, eyes… and more. When the problems came to us too, we started researching ways to stay more healthy while working. After some years of research, testing products, recommending them to friends, and receiving positive feedback we decided to help everyone!

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How can this site help me?

We can show you all kinds of products that could somehow give benefit your health and make you feel better during the day, in your workspace! In our blog, we discuss the benefits and negative sides so you can decide which is the best for you. The information we gather is from our experience, friends, family, and reviews.

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Who is this site for?

This site is worth bookmarking if you are a programmer. Any position that requires hours of sitting in a chair in front of a desk is actually can benefit a lot from the information that is provided here! We try to update, search for new products, work on our own, and make amazing posts with useful data for people. Even if you are not sitting all day long, having some pain in the back, neck, butt, or low motion during the day… this site is till perfect fit for you!

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Do you have your own products?

Right now our whole business model is around affiliate marketing because it requires less investment. However, if this site starts making a decent income for us, we have 3 products in mind that we could focus on and start putting money into their realization! We are also planning on starting our own brand that is focused on healthy work!

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Healthy Work Benefits:

  • Helping you analyze the problems you have during your work
  • Giving you step-by-step articles and posts
  • Showing you a variety of products
  • Encouraging you to move more
  • Making you build healthy habits
  • Keep you informed with blog posts
  • Giving you information about products and comparing them
  • Ensuring you will find what you need and for your problem
  • Benefiting your workstyle in a healthier way
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