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What is “My Gym”? Should I build an entire gym at home?


No, that’s not our primary goal, but you can do it if you want! The idea is to get products that remind you to move, stretch, and work out. Of course, there are plenty of experiences with only body weight that we can do… however having a band, dumbbell, or anything close to our workspace could motivate us to move and use it whenever we are stuck in a problem. It could also help us walk around and think about how to solve the problem we are working on while we do a little exercise! 

But how do I choose what works for me? How to do the exercises and how often? Should I follow a plan or not? If you have so many questions…in our blogs and this site you can find all the information you need!

There are plenty of tools that encourage us to move more and be healthier, some of them more significant than others! Decide which is the best match for your needs and situation and build a healthier workstyle!

We actually recommend people to do sport and go to group activities! But if you spend a whole day in the office this might not be enough. Let’s not forget that sometimes we are too busy and skip training with groups or another lockdown could appear. Having some extra tools for work-out near you is always good!


Only a few minutes of daily workouts could significantly change your life! Get your mini gym now and be more healthy!

       Who said only athletes have to work out while working?

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My Gym & Healthier workstyle

Habits and tips:

  • Do a little stretch/exercise whenever you are stuck on a problem at your work
  • Plan little work-outs during the day that won’t take more than 20 minutes
  • Put your workout tools near you so you can see them whenever you feel bored
  • Exercising is a great stress killer – do some whenever you are unhappy
  • If you feel pain in your body from sitting too long, spend 3-5 minutes moving
  • Put a band or something light in your backpack if you have to change workplaces 
  • Try to make a game/challenge that encourages you and your co-workers to train
  • Read our blog for more information