FSA HSA Eligible iBYWM Neck and Shoulder Relaxer

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  • 【2 In 1 Neck And Back Support】Each pack comes with a neck relaxer traction device and upper back brace for women and men that help reduce strain on your muscles, promote an upright posture, and loosen stiff muscles while being a breeze to use every day
  • 【Neck Traction Device】Our cervical traction device uses a C-curve design and high-density foam to help stretch neck muscles while you stay comfortable to help reduce neck pain, TMJ, sore muscles, and stiffness just by using it for 10 minutes a day at home or on the go
  • 【Firm And Elastic Build】We made our cervical pillow neck traction device using high-density foam that’s durable, firm, and elastic yet elastic which coupled with the lightweight makes sure you can take it with you on the go to offer support for the cervical spine without deforming or bending
  • 【Align Your Posture】The back straightener brace is designed to take pressure off your back, neck, and shoulders along with offering support for the upper back whether sitting or standing to support an aligned posture to make long hours working or standing easier to get through
  • 【Use Anytime And Anywhere】Our cervical neck traction device and back support posture corrector are lightweight, simple to use, and easy to carry so you can use them at home, office, on the go, and anywhere else to support your neck, shoulders, and back the simple way