Healthier workspace & workstyle

Habits and tips:

  • Standing up while working, avoid sitting all day. Use standing desks/risers or change your laptop location.
  • Make sure the monitors you use have good quality and don’t hurt your eyes too much & stand up and rest your eyes after finishing a task.
  • Change your chair every few hours if you have more chairs that have different sit styles. 
  • Screens should be higher than your keyboard/mouse, make sure your neck is straight.
  • Keep your desk clean and tidy and avoid eating on it if possible. This is a key component that people usually forget.
  • Keep at least 50 centimeters / 20 inches of eye distance from your monitor.
  • Have a glass bottle with water on your workspace to stay hydrated.
  • Remove distractions and uneasy things around you, like your phone, shiny objects, and others(put them in a drawer).
  • Clean the dust off your workspace every week or at least every month.
  • Check our blog for more tips!


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