Workspace! How important is it?

Most jobs these days require a desk, a chair, and a computer!


It doesn’t matter if you are studying, learning, surfing the web, doing homework, or even eating… You should pay attention to your posture, and make sure you don’t have any back pain, neck pressure, or other problems that may lead to serious injuries in the future! 

By simply changing a chair, or desk or adding additional tools to your desk you can make your workplace much healthier! 

Instead of doing a ton of research about the best products and how to form a better workspace.  Here we are creating articles explaining the benefits and showing you the products that helped us and many more.

Prevent back pain, neck problems, aids, and many more, by simply having a different workstyle! 

The products here could give you some ideas of what you need and fit you! Analyze what you need, find a fitting product, and be pain-free!

This page is focused on items including – standing desks, desk risers, comfortable and exciting chairs that… also desk organizers, and other gadgets that will make your whole workplace more healthy! Have a healthier lifestyle and workstyle by changing your furniture at work.


Find creative ways that benefit health while you work!

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Healthier workspace & workstyle

Habits and tips:

  • Standing up while working, avoid sitting all day. Use standing desks/risers or change your laptop location.
  • Make sure the monitors you use have good quality and don’t hurt your eyes too much & stand up and rest your eyes after finishing a task.
  • Change your chair every few hours if you have more chairs that have different sit styles. 
  • Screens should be higher than your keyboard/mouse, make sure your neck is straight.
  • Keep your desk clean and tidy and avoid eating on it if possible. This is a key component that people usually forget.
  • Keep at least 50 centimeters / 20 inches of eye distance from your monitor.
  • Have a glass bottle with water on your workspace to stay hydrated.
  • Remove distractions and uneasy things around you, like your phone, shiny objects, and others(put them in a drawer).
  • Clean the dust off your workspace every week or at least every month.
  • Check our blog for more tips!